AWS driver


Image filters

When searching for images, AWS driver would list all images owned by the self owner, i.e. it is limited by images owned by the given credentials. This can be a substantial amount of images, especially when pool has access to public catalogs, and large number of images may considerably extend the time needed to acquire necessary information from AWS API and increase resource usage. To expand the set of possible owners while limiting the amount of cached images, it is possible to employ several image filters.

Each entry of image-filters list may enable multiple filters at once, they all must match the image for it to be included in the cache. All filters are optional, but at least one must be enabled.

Filters are applied in groups:

  1. name-wildcard and owner are applied first, being passed to AWS CLI describe-images command
  2. name-regex, max-age and creation-date-regex are applied second, pruning the list acquired from describe-images even further.
    # Image name must match a glob-like string
  - name-wildcard: <wildcard string>

    # Image name must match a regular expression
    name-regex: <pattern>

    # Image owner must match
    owner: <string>

    # Image must be younger than this many seconds
    max-age: <integer>

    # Image creation date must match a regular expression.
    # The date would be in the following format: "2019-05-10T13:17:12.000Z"
    creation-date-regex: <pattern>
  # Include all images we own
  - owner: "self"

  # From this owner, pick only CentOS Stream images
  - owner: "123456"
    name-wildcard: "CentOs Stream *"

  # From this owner, pick only images created in November or December
  - owner: "654321"
    creation-date-regex: "2023-(11|12)-.*"

Expose Public IP address

By default, Artemis will expose the private IP address of the instance. In case you want to rather expose the public IP, use the use-public-ip setting in the pool configuration.

use-public-ip: true